Privacy Notice

  1. Registry holder 

Name: Oy Joventus Ab 

VAT-number: 3139460-4 

Address: Saaristotie 755 

Postal code: 21610 


Tel.: 041 3180141 


  1. Contact person in charge of registry

Company: Oy Joventus Ab 

Name: Janna Jokinen 

Address: Saaristotie 755 

Postal code: 21610 


Tel: 041 3180141 



  1. Name of registry

Waudevilla´s Customer Data and Marketing Registry. 


  1. Legal basis and purpose of handling personal data

According to the European GDPR, legal basis of handling personal data is present when there exists: 
– consent from the person in question (documented, voluntary, identified, conscious and unambiguous) 

– a contract, in which the registered person represents the other party 

– management of public tasks or 

– justified interest of the registry holder (i.e. customer relationship, contract of employment, membership). 

The purpose of holding a Customer Data and Marketing Registry at Oy Joventus Ab is the following: 

Accommodation, meeting and restaurant services: 
• In order to execute our services and fill the contract between the registry holder and the customer, we collect the following information: contact information (first and last name, address, postal code, city country, e-mail address, phone number) and payment information (credit card number, name on credit card, expiration information). 
• Based on customer consent we also gather information such as: 

  • When booking restaurant and meeting services, contact and payment information is collected from the customer, as well as possible dietary restrictions. 
  • As a customer leaves their business card, the information on it can be joint to Oy Joventus Ab’s customer registry. 
  • A justified interest* of the registry holder while offering accommodation services is to collect information on customer nationality. The registry holder can also collect information on the customer’s means of transportation, arrival and departure times and add additional necessary information on the customer profile.

Passenger cards 
• Collecting and handling passenger cards is based on the registry holder’s legal obligation. 
• Processed information: customer name, social security number or birth date, nationality, travel companions’ and children’s names, social security numbers or birth dates, address, country of origin, travel document number as well as arrival and departure dates. The customer can also be asked to specify the purpose of travel (business, leisure or other). We only collect and handle personal data to the extent which it is necessary for the business operations of Oy Joventus Ab, for the following purposes: 

  • to enhance our services, production, delivery and offering 
  • to handle and manage customer relationships 
  • to produce customer service and event organization 
  • for billing and credit control  
  • for communicating about necessary subjects 
  • for the advertisement and marketing of services, i.e. direct marketing and targeting it to our customers 
  • to offer, develop and target marketing communications (i.e. market studies) 
  • for statistical purposes 
  • to ensure safety (camera surveillance and security reporting) 

We collect and handle your personal data according to the current valid legislation and according to our justified interest as registry holder. Your personal data is primarily collected from you personally through telephone, e-mail or and electric or printed ready forms in order to handle the customer relationship in question. In customer service situations, communications such as e-mail conversations between yourself and Oy Joventus Ab and its business locations can be saved in order to develop our customer service or to verify its course. 

* Justified interest in this case means handling information that represents an essential part of the activity of the registry holder, which the client can also reasonably expect to be a part of this said activity. The registry holder has to often process personal data in order to execute tasks within the business’ activity. In this context the handling of personal data might not be possible to justify with a legal obligation or according to a contract. Yet, the handling of personal data can be justified according to the ”justified interest”. In this case the justified interest must always be evaluated beforehand, so that acting according to the justified interest does not cause harm or damage to the rights and freedom of the members of the registry. 

  1. The data content of the registry

The data saved into the registry are a person’s name, company/organization, contact information (phone, e-mail address, postal address), billing/payment information and other information necessary for the customer relationship and providing the ordered services. A singular customer’s information and data are saved in the hotel software for a period of 3 months. Regular and contract client information are saved in the system as long as the client wishes for the information to be deleted. 

  1. Regular information sources

The data saved into the registry are received from the customer i.e. by messages sent by internet or paper forms, by e-mail, by telephone, by social media services, from contracts, from customer meetings or other situations in which the customer issues information to the company. 

  1. Regular delivery and transfer of data outside of the EU or the EEA

The customer’s personal data is always collected during check-in by passenger card for legal reasons. This personal data is archived and forwarded to local authorities on a monthly basis. The data is not regularly given out to other parties. The data can be published to the extent which has been agreed on with the customer. Information can be transferred by the registry holder outside of the EU and EEA countries. 

  1. Principles of registry protection

Caution is applied while handling the registry and IT-based information is accessed directly by using the hotel software and personal employee login information. When registry information is processed on an internet server, the hardware’s physical and digital safety is tended to accordingly. The registry holder ensures that saved information, server user rights and other critical information linked to the safety of personal data handling are dealt with in a confidential manner only by those employees, to whom’s work description it fits. Access to the archive room where passenger cards are held is a lock-secured space, to which only keyholders have access. 

  1. The right to verify data and demand correction

Each person belonging to the registry has a right to check the saved personal data on them and demand possible rectification of false information or add more specifications to inadequate information. Whether a person wishes to review personal data on him/her saved into the registry or wishes to make a correction to it, the demand must be sent in written form by e-mail to the registry holder. The registry holder may ask the person to prove their identity. The registry holder will answer to the demand within the time set by the European GDPR (mainly within a month). 

  1. Other rights linked to handling personal data

A member of the registry has the right to ask for deletion of their personal data in the registry (”the right to be forgotten”). The registered also has other rights according to the European GDPR, such as the limitation of handling personal data in some situations. Requests have to be sent in written form by e-mail to the registry holder. The registry holder may ask the person to prove their identity. The registry holder will answer to the demand within the time set by the European GDPR (mainly within a month).